Posted by: Kristie | January 19, 2011

We Have a Nursery!

Our kitchen may be torn up, but at least the baby will have a nursery. When we first bought this house, we knew the third bedroom would be best as an office or a nursery. No closet, pretty small. Since I got pregnant 2 weeks after we moved in, it became slated for the nursery. Unfortunately, we are having trouble locating a before photo, but suffice it to say, it’s a decent transformation.

We removed the carpeting with plans to put in a cork floor. Instead we discovered the original pine wood floors were in pretty great shape. So Brett rented a floor sander and stripped it down to the bare wood. To keep this room as environmentally friendly as possible, we went with TimberSoy Natural Wood Stain, a soybean-based stain with zero VOCs and practically no odor (which was pretty amazing if you’ve ever worked with traditional stains). We topped the floors with AFM Polyureseal BP Satin Finish. We weren’t as happy with this choice. Although the finish itself is nice, it left a milky look to the floors. But since the majority of the floor is covered with furniture and a rug, we’re not worrying about it now.

As with the rest of the house, the original wall color was an off-white. We chose Benjamin Moore’s Natura paint due to its lack of VOCs in both the paint and the tint. It went on smooth, covered well, and barely had a smell. The only downfall is the price. At $50/gallon, it’s definitely not a bargain, but it is a quality product. To break up the color and add a small design element, Brett put up the chair rail. It was much more of a bitch than he expected, but he did he did a fabulous job.

I still need to add curtains and maybe some shelves or wall decor.

I absolutely love wall vinyl decor. Easy to put up, easy to take down.

As for the furnishings, we got some great bargains. The wardrobe, changing table (including the changing pad/covers and baskets), and glider were all a steal on Craigslist. The crib came from a co-worker and was exactly what I was looking for. The only thing we bought new was the rug – a flokati from Ikea.

Overall, I think we created a cozy and soothing room for this baby. Here’s hoping she feels the same way!



  1. I like how you managed to use the word “bitch” in your post about the baby’s room. Well done! The room looks great also! 🙂

  2. It looks so nice. The two of you did a great job! Can’t wait for our newest granddaughter to make her debut.

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