Posted by: Kristie | October 21, 2010

And 80 Years Later…

I’m writing a blog post. I know it’s been forever — I would apologize but I think at this point there’s really no one reading this.

These past several months have been absolutely crazy and we’ve had some big changes happen in our lives. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • I got a full-time job. I’m the communications coordinator for Tickets for Kids Charities, a great non-profit organization that provides tickets for events and activities to low-income children.
  • I got knocked up. That’s right – we’re having a baby girl. At this point, it’s not exactly news because I’m 6 months pregnant but still felt like I needed to officially announce it on the blog.
  • We started holding a farm stand every Saturday morning.

The combo of all of this has left me pretty exhausted and, frankly, leaving me with little desire to type up anything lengthly on the computer. Not to mention we’re sloooowly trying to continue to work on this house.

But finally things have calmed down a bit. Work is a little less stressful, I have a ton more energy than my first trimester, and we’ve closed down the farm stand for the season. I hope to put up some posts about the couple of house projects we’ve managed to handle (or rather hire someone else to handle) this summer — rewiring the house, painting the trim, and updating the bathroom. We’re about to head into the big kitchen renovation which we’re hoping to have done before the baby comes at the end of January so I’m sure I will have lots to share about the trials and tribulations of home remodeling.



  1. I’m reading! Yea for a new blog post and HOORAY for a little girl. Can’t wait to see your home improvement projects.

  2. Ahhh thanks Shayla!

  3. Yea, I needed a Kristie and Brett fix. It is good to see Shayla’s smiling face too. So happy for you both. You are in such a hectic, crazy, and fabulous place right now…it brings back memories of when Roy and I were pregnant and remodeling/working and going to school! Have a great holiday season and I can’t wait to see pics of the new family member.

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