Posted by: Kristie | July 27, 2010

One Year Ago

One year ago, Brett and I signed the closing papers, packed up the last of our belongings, and left Texas for good. I can still remember sitting in the truck, getting one last look at our first house. This was the house where Brett proposed, where we came back to after our wedding, where we held our annual crawfish boil — and many other incredible memories. It was a bittersweet moment – sad to leave the past, but eager for the future.

So in honor of today, I give a shoutout to the two things I miss the most about Texas.

The People

We have some amazing friends in Texas. Childhood friends, military friends, former coworkers, neighbors, and lots of acquaintances. Having this great support network is what I miss the most — playing rock band with Laura & Chris, having lunch (or drinks!) with my favorite coworkers, watching UT football while drinking homemade margaritas with John & Tracy. Thank goodness for email and Facebook — and blogs!

The Food

Coming in a close second is the wonderful world of Tex-Mex. Sure I can make my own breakfast tacos, guacamole or enchiladas, but it doesn’t beat the ability to pop through a drive-thru and get warm delicious queso and homemade tortillas. Or stopping at one of my numerous favorite restaurants and scooping up fresh salsa with a warm, crunch tortilla chip.

Even though we’re meeting new people and definitely enjoying lots of delicious Pittsburgh food specialties, a piece of our heart will always remain in Texas.



  1. WhooWHOO! I made your blog — and with a pic! Next drink with favorite [ex]co-workers is on me …

  2. awesome!

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