Posted by: Kristie | June 9, 2010

I Love Twitter

I would like to publicly acknowledge how much I love Twitter. I love Twitter.

Ok, let me explain. First of all, if you still don’t know what Twitter is, it’s a social networking and microblogging service that currently boasts more than 100 million users increasing by 300,000 per day. A couple months ago I wrote Five Reason to Start Twittering geared toward businesses. But now it’s become personal.

I have two accounts on Twitter. I created the first one (@kristielawler) for professional reasons. It’s where I interact with various marketing and communications professionals, learning from them and hopefully offering some value in return. My tweets are rarely personal and geared toward my industry. It’s been an invaluable resource while freelancing and searching for a full-time position; it helps me keep up with trends, new technologies, and the latest industry news.

My second account is @pghfoodie, which I initially created as a way to promote my Examiner Food articles but has morphed into discussing all types of food topics, sharing recipes, and discussing restaurants. It’s been a great way to expand my culinary appetite, while at least attempting to offer up the little I know about food.

And finally Brett is also on Twitter as @pittsburghfarm, where we both work to keep people updated on what’s going on with the farm.

And now that you have all of this information, I’ll tell you what happened a couple weeks ago to make me fall even more in love this social media service. Somebody that Brett follows on Twitter, retweeted (which means forwarding or sharing) a tweet about a Pittsburgh foodie get together. The original poster, Lindsay, hosts the Confessions of a Human Vacuum blog and decided to gather foodies in honor of Pittsburgh Restaurant Week. Since we still don’t know many people (ok, we practically know no one, but we are trying!) we decided to join the party. Before we could think about how awkward this whole thing could be, we signed up and found ourselves sharing a table with eight other people at Church Brew Works, an awesome brewery/restaurant housed in a historic church.

We spent the next couple of hours meeting these wonderful people with various backgrounds and interests, who all shared one common interest, food. Everyone was friendly, there was no awkward silence, and we enjoyed tasty food and beer.

And the fact is, we never would’ve met these people if it wasn’t for Twitter. So for all those skeptics out there who think Twitter is just about random updates like “I’m running to the store,” it is so much more, and I continue to learn that more every day.



  1. Soooo, I just found your blog after all this time. Haha. I had fun that night too. Hope everything is well with your house, farm, etc. Great meeting you and I may get in touch with Lindsay and try to organize something again!

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