Posted by: Kristie | May 25, 2010

Tearing and Gutting: Deconstructing the Basement

Because we didn’t want to jinx this closing by scheduling the movers in advance, our stuff wasn’t delivered until a week after we closed on the house. But we sufficed with fold-out chairs, an Aero bed & watching movies on our computer.

Drinking champagne in a plastic glass, in a foldout chair, in the enclosed porch. Pretty swanky if I do say so myself.

In an effort to be productive and tackle projects that would be much easier without all of our stuff, we headed to the basement.

The stairs leading down to the basement had this dirty indoor/outdoor carpeting nailed into the wood. I wanted it gone – ASAP. Unfortunately that carpet was secured by 80 million nails and they were a biatch to get rid of, taking a lot longer than I expected. But I did it and although it may not look that much better, it’s a lot cleaner.


Brett took a picture right at the end, but really I did a lot of work.

After - Still needs work, but first stage is complete.

The previous owners had also nailed cork ceiling tiles to the rafters in the basement – possibly trying to “soften” the area. Regardless, now they’re just nasty, falling apart & god only knows what’s behind them. They had to go and Brett took on the challenge.

Before - Notice all of those ceiling tiles

In process - what a mess

And the final result. Nice clean basement rafters.



  1. holy moly you HAVE been busy! …80 million nails

  2. Wowee.

    I was searching for ‘gut’ repair tips and linked here.
    We have a like-wise situation and its one heck of a job.
    Best of fortunes in completion!


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