Posted by: Kristie | May 23, 2010

We Have a House! (Way-Delayed Post)

Nine months after we sold our house in Texas to the exact day, we closed on a new house. When we packed our bags and left the Lone Star State, we never expected it to take this long. But sifting through Pittsburgh’s endless neighborhoods/areas, house hunting in the dead of winter, and a massive failed closing on one house all added up to six months of living with parents.

But it all worked out. We found a 1930s home in an excellent school district, roughly 15 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh and 45 minutes from Brett’s mom’s house where we’re starting up a farm.

The only catch is that it’s a little bit of a fixer upper — but it has plenty of character and plenty of potential. And man, is it SO nice to have our own space again. As we progress, I plan to post tons of before & after photos, lessons learned and major triumphs. Let the games begin!

We almost didn't look at this house because of the horrible, horrible paint job. Getting rid of that god awful trim is one of our first major projects - not to mention removing the plastic mailbox and covering up that yuckyyellow on the door.

The backyard is a hill and a bit of a mess -- but in the winter you can see the Allegheny River, so, you know,we practically have waterfront property.

Here are some of elements that I love about the house: the open entryway, the beautiful woodwork and the French doors.

And the open & bright enclosed porch and hopefully a little reading nook for me one day.

Tiny, tiny and very outdated kitchen. Definitely will be a major remodeling project in the near future.



  1. it looks so adorable!! can’t wait to see one day in person!!!!

  2. Congrats on your new home! I love the interior woodwork. It has lots of potential and I look forward to the “after” pictures someday!

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