Posted by: Kristie | April 13, 2010

Pittsburgh Food Examiner

You are looking at the new Pittsburgh Food Examiner for Yes, that’s right folks, I am getting paid to eat…oh, and write too. It’s a great little gig because it gives me an actual excuse to get to know Pittsburgh’s food community (not that I really need one), which will also help create connections for our farm. And what I’m finding, I am liking! So far it’s been a blast and it’s something I can continue to do on the side, if and when I get a full-time job.

My focus is local food and I profile area grocery stores, events, and recipes. I know most of you who read this blog don’t live in Pittsburgh but still look at my page and check back regularly. I try to write at least two articles a week, but hoping to up it to three to four. Maybe it will encourage you to visit us, if Brett and I’s adorableness is not enough of a reason. On second thought, maybe you should wait until we have an actual house. ONE DAY WE SHALL LIVE ALONE AGAIN! But I digress.

I’ve also included my Examiner badge on this blog’s sidebar in case you forget the address. Hope you enjoy and as always would love any feedback!


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