Posted by: Kristie | April 3, 2010

WTF Starbucks?

I was driving by Starbucks last week and I realized I can’t remember the last time I have sipped a frothy Starbucks beverage. This was kind of amazing seeing as I used to go there at least once a week when it was just around the corner from my work.

With this in mind and looking for a change of scenery, I decided to pop in to do some article writing.

Now I have to stop here and backtrack for a second. All of our coffee travel mugs and all of my water bottles are in storage. Since we will have all of that stuff back one day, I’ve been sucking it up and going without. But now that we have no idea when we will be in a house to actually get our stuff out of storage, I couldn’t take it anymore and went to pick up one of each. So I popped into Target ready to buy some shiny, new travel bottles and EVERY single one was Made in China. Son of a…the ol’ “not buying things made in China declaration” rears its ugly head. Since we don’t have a house yet, we haven’t been buying many things so it’s been fairly easy. I walked out of Target empty handed.

But then I walked into Starbucks and like the heavens parting (ok, that’s a little dramatic) I see this:

Recycled, BPA-free and not just made in the USA – made in Texas! And it’s a nice pretty green to boot. I grabbed it, purchased a $4 frappucino (damn – I forgot how ridiculous those prices are) and was happy as a clam.

And then I got home and turned it over so see a tag that reads: Made in China. Well that can’t be right, it must just be talking about the tag. The little sticker is made in China, not my pretty cup from Texas.

I take the tag off and stamped in that lovely recycled plastic: MADE IN CHINA!

Are you freaking kidding me!! WTF Starbucks! I’m not even sure what to do. Take it back and bitch to the cashier? Send a nasty letter to corporate? Write a blog post bitching about it and hope everyone forwards it on and maybe it will become an Internet sensation and Starbucks’ web of lies will be revealed? Ok, I’ll start there.

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  1. Wow, I’m shocked…didn’t een know that was legal!!! You need to open your open Tim Horton’s there!

  2. Now that you’ve started it on your blog, write to the corporate office. They need to know how betrayed you feel and how that will affect your coffee purchases in the future.

    Good luck making a difference!

    Love Mom

  3. I vote all three. That’s lame.

  4. How about learn common English? Or at least common drinking terms?

    A “tumbler” is that short glass/plastic clear thing to the right in the first picture.

    Those green travel mugs are not tumblers.

    Someone put either the sign or the product on the wrong shelf. End of discussion.

  5. Dan – Since I am not an idiot, I first double checked Starbucks’ website to see if they had misplaced the sign. But in fact, that was not the case.

    Check it out for yourself:

    Maybe you should be talking to Starbucks about their use of common English.

  6. Wooooow. Dan, to avoid looking like a douche-nozzle in the future, try doing the tiniest bit of research before getting all snarky. Or not, more entertainment for us, we like to point and laugh.

  7. WTF?!?! Maybe there is a town in China called USA, so they can say both? Have you anything new to report to us? So weird and disappointing.

  8. I bet you that the “made in China” bit refers to a section of the mug, not the thing as a whole. I have the same one. And yeah, I’m bummed whenever anything says “China” on it. But I’m guessing that the liner and top part are made in texas, and that the shell is chinese, or some crap like that.

  9. That makes since Liz. If that’s the case, they should say that parts are made in the USA. I did end up taking it back and told the 17-year-old, wet-behind-the-ears kid that it was says Made in China on the bottom, even though the sign says Made in the USA. He was “oh, really” and then he said “so you’re returning it because its Made in China?” I quickly realized discussing this with him was going to go nowhere. Still plan to write a letter to corporate, but I always say that and never do. Maybe this time!

  10. In that first sentence, “since” = “sense” – Guess I’m a little sleepier than I thought.

  11. I was horrified reading this, i am doing a paper on starbucks lies and this one is just plain RIDICULOUS!!! they cant even cover this lie up. i thought my paper would be half a page at most because come on, howard schultz isn’t that bad of a guy, then i start doing the research there are more then just a couple F*** ups theres hundreds!!!

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