Posted by: Kristie | March 7, 2010

Buffalo Festival – Winter Style

Living completely up to my expectations, I am getting pretty sick of the weather. It’s March and I’m super stoked that this weekend was filled with 40 degree temps and sunny skies — that is sadly so exciting.

But, instead of constantly being irritated at piling on a bunch of clothes and boots just to run the store, I channeled my energy in a more healthy way, by drinking lots of beer and celebrating winter at the Powder Keg Festival in downtown Buffalo. In its first year, the festival featured all sorts of winter fun: tubing down the main skyway into the city, pond hockey, bubble hockey tournament, snowman building contest and the largest, Guinness-record-setting ice maze, beating out Toronto’s rendition in 2005. The lines were long and the logistics were a bit wonky, but for its first year, it was an entertaining way to spend the day outdoors. And definitely made piling on the winter gear worth it. For all of the photos, check out our gallery on Smugmug.

P.S. If you’re wondering where they heck we are these days, we’ve been splitting our time between Buffalo and Pittsburgh until our house hopefully closes sometime in March (the dang date keeps changing). Fingers crossed.

The crowd at the festival. It was packed during the day.

Brett received more than a few "nice goggles" comments

Bubble Hockey Tournament - they take this game pretty seriously

The world-record-breaking ice maze. The line took at least an hour during the day so we waited until the evening when all the kiddos were gone.

The pond hockey ice ended up being cancelled the second day. Too warm, creating poor conditions - now that's ironic.

Me and a little ice

Katie, me and Brett in the Ice Maze


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