Posted by: Kristie | January 20, 2010

Procrastination at its Finest

We have been back from our Europe trip for roughly 2.5 months and yet I have not completed all of my blog posts. I still have about three weeks of the trip left to write and the longer I wait, the harder it seems to start them. So I sit there and I wonder why I continue to put them off. Is it just simply procrastination or is there more to this story?

It might be that they tend to take awhile because I like to have them well-written, detailed and informative. It might be that the information isn’t fresh in my head so I’m not as inspired to sit down and write like I am about current things going on in our life. But what I really think the culprit might be is that it makes me sad. It makes me want to time travel back and relive all of those memories again. To have no stress, no worries, see amazing things every day, eat tons of incredible food and drink. Now I fully recognize that this is ridiculous, that we are so lucky to have even had this experience and I just sound selfish for wanting more. But right now with no house, no job, a cold winter, that’s what I want.

Instead, I gave myself a big “slap, slap” and “pull yourself together Lawler,” and started writing again, because seriously, all of this information isn’t going to stay in my head forever so I have got to get it written down! So I’m back in the saddle and you will soon start seeing Europe posts again —¬†granted, it’s been 2.5 months so who knows who will care anymore? Oh well, I will.



  1. I care, sugar. I care because, one – all of my “travel” stories are really me talking about your trip and two, I know you will be forever mad at yourself if you don’t get the information out!!!

    FYI: I probably account for 1/4th of your hits as I eagerly await your next post about your adventures in far off places. It’s true.

  2. I care too. I love reading about your adventures. If Marisa is 1/4 th of your hits, I must be another 1/4 th LOL

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