Posted by: Brett | January 3, 2010

Don’t lie to me.

You tried the car alarm remote trick and it worked, didn’t it?  DIDN’T IT?!?!  And now you’re scared, confused, maybe a little disoriented.  Your world, the very core of your reality, shaken by the counter-intuitive ProTip (like if I told you “if you kept your left thumb on your nose during cell phone calls you would never experience another dropped call”  p.s. I just made that up).  The ProTips are kinna like that.  That’s why I don’t disperse them that often.  If I were to unleash that kinna knowledges on the planet all at once it could very well cause a tear in the social fabric of society such that the entire planet is plunged into a paralyzing, arms around your knees, rocking back and forth catatonic state. Wouldn’t want that now would we.


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