Posted by: Brett | December 30, 2009

B’s ProTip #8475: Extending the Range of Car Alarm Remotes

Purpose: Describe how to extend the transmission distance of your car alarm remote.

Situation:  Parked your car in an icy treacherous parking lot and started to navigate your way toward whatever store you were heading to when you realize that you forgot to arm your car alarm with the remote on your key chain. You stop, turn around to face your car, and hit the arm button waiting to see the flash of lights to indicate that the street ninjas will at least be a bit deterred from stealing your precious hoo-ride.  Nothing.  You mash the button again and again, still nothing.  You dread having to walk back to your car cause every step you take on the deadly icy surface is an opportunity to slip, fall, and break both arms and legs. Whether it’s due to you being too far away, or the battery being too low in your remote, nothing happens when you push the arm button.

Solution: Turn to face your car, hold the remote beneath your chin, and aim it up through your lower jaw (as if you wanted the signal to hit your brain), open your mouth, press the button. If no result, walk a few steps toward your car and try again.  Repeat until your car alarm arms or disarms.  I bet you if you then tried again with out this method you would find yourself still out of range.

Why it Works: Likely has something to do either the structure of the jaw or the fillings in the mouth acting as a directional antenna of sorts.

K’s Reaction: Holy crap! That actually works.



  1. Wow! I’m glad it worked for you. In the motor pool here in Iraq, everyone just looked at me strange, and it didn’t really do anything for the MRAPs or HMMWVs. Go figure.

  2. For our Iraqi reader(s), You gotta make sure your Rhinos (or what ever ur calling ur anti-kablooey devices now) are turned off.

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