Posted by: Kristie | December 4, 2009

One More Thing

I forgot something from my list below. I also learned how difficult it is to actually keep up a blog while traveling. It really does take a lot of time, a lot more than I expected, partially because I wanted the posts to be informative and well thought out. Therefore I took the time to find the website addresses and research information I was unsure about. Then Brett would review it. Once the text was done, then we needed to choose the appropriate photos and upload those. And then we needed to tag and categorize it. It’s not complicated, just time consuming. And this was with relatively easy access to wi-fi so we could do it all on our laptop. When there wasn’t wi-fi, it was a real PITA. I give props to all of those people who blog while traveling to less developed countries with limited Internet access — that takes real patience and determination.

As much as we gave it the ol’ college try to keep up with it, we still fell behind in Italy. But I am determined to finish up the rest of the posts. If nothing else, to have as a record for us. So stay tuned, I am furiously writing here in rural Pennsylvania to finish off the rest of the Europe posts and move on to more exciting things like chicken coop building, house hunting and shopping at Walmart!


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