Posted by: Brett | November 22, 2009

Mad Props

I haven’t posted in a while but as ya’ll can see we’re back in the states and I figure it is about time for me to get to scribing about getting this ‘homestead’ off the ground.  BUT first I’d like to publically tell my wife Thank You for planning that amazing two month trip through Europe.  Having spent a few years in the military, I have an up close and personal experience with what it takes to plan and execute complex operations.  And what Kristie researched, planned, and executed over the course of those two months was amazing.  I already had respect for her planning skills but watching her over the last two months absolutely blew me away.  Krisite Lee Lawler, thank you again for all the hard work you put into that trip, I love you and am honored to have you by my side.

Now, on to farm stuff.  It’s an amazingly warm ‘fall/winter’ here in PA, not that I’d know as I’m from Texas but this would be considered spooky warm even in Texas.  I kinna figured it would be since we had such a cool summer.  But I didn’t think it would last until NOV.  I had PLANNED to be using this time to be locked in the house hiding from the arctic winds as they swept across the cold tundra whilst I read up on PA horticulture as it differs from Texas and planning out where to start building the raised beds for the spring gardens.  Instead I kinna find myself a little Chicken-Sans-Head as I scramble to do SOMETHING to make use of this weather.

Speaking of Chickens, I think we’ve got the coop off to a good start.  I owe ya’ll a post on how that went and how we turned a small out barn into the beginnings of Castle Chickenstein.

The Lesson learned is this:  Plan For Success Too.  I was too pessimistic in what I thought the weather and conditions would be like here in Nov. so I was caught short when we got an extended bout of good weather.



  1. You are the best husband a girl could ask for. It was my priviledge and honor to plan this trip for us and so glad you loved it too. Thank YOU for making my dream a reality…and of course, for bankrolling it 🙂

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