Posted by: Kristie | November 12, 2009

Munich Snapshot

Traveled Sept. 20–25, 2009

K with beer

Click on the photo to see all Oktoberfest photos.

Our Observations/Info

  • Our visit to Munich ended up being skewed because Brett was pretty sick with the flu nearly the entire time. We arrived late afternoon on Sunday, hit Oktoberfest on Monday and Brett was down for the count until we left on Friday. Therefore we didn’t get to see much of the actual city and all of our pictures are just from Oktoberfest.
  • I was surprised by two things: the amount of traditional Bavarian dress everywhere and the limited amount of English spoke. The former was because of Oktoberfest and its tradition of dressing up, which I never realized before we went. Regarding the latter, the amount of English spoken was more than Southern France and less than Italy.
  • The rotisserie chicken was amazing. They must put crack in it because it is irresistible and finger-lickin’ good. 

How We Got Around

  • Train from Salzburg. Used Railpass. Roughly two-hour trip.
  • Bus to our rental apartment from the train station and used the metro once in the city. Cab to the airport when leaving. This was pricey but worth it due to Brett’s illness.

Where We Slept

Rental Apartment via
Contact: Matthias Maier
€145/night (Oktoberfest prices)
Highly recommend


  • Very spacious, second faux bedroom, good-sized kitchen and living area.
  • Excellent location for Oktoberfest, 10 minute walk down the street. Situated within walking distance of grocery stores, restaurants and a pharmacy.
  • Although we never met Matthias, he was always responsive when we needed something. He also accepted Paypal which was much more convenient than transferring money internationally.
  • The street noise was a little loud at night, but that tends to go hand in hand with staying in a city.

Where We NomNom’d

  • Oktoberfest – Bratwurst, a little larger than a finger, served in threes on a roll, sans mustard (although I found it and couldn’t resist); huge pretzels, also no mustard and didn’t have the guts to ask; salted radishes, supposed to go well with the beer, first couple of bites were good, then got a little old.
  • Hofbräuhaus– Famous brewery and decided to stop here for an early bite to eat. The food wasn’t memorable, but good atmosphere.
  • The rest of the time, I cooked chicken soup for Sicky McGee.

What We Did

  • Oktoberfest – If you like to drink beer, go to Oktoberfest, even if it’s just for one day. The beers are ridiculously expensive and the nights get a little crazy, but you meet the friendliest people from around the world and enjoy the biggest beer festival anywhere. It’s incredible. Do it.
  • Dachau – Located just outside the city, Dachau is the site of the first Nazi concentration camp. Although Brett wasn’t well enough to visit, I still make the trip. It was sad and depressing, but important to see. Although there aren’t many original buildings left, they did a good job of telling the story through exhibits, panels, reconstructed buildings and a rented audio guide, which included first-person accounts.   

What We Bought

Our souvenir was the beer in our belly.

To view all of our photos, check out the Munich Gallery.


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