Posted by: Kristie | November 4, 2009

Game Over

Tomorrow morning we head to the Rome airport and our amazing, incredible, once-in-a-lifetime trip ends. Just like it didn’t seem real when we were leaving for the trip, it doesn’t seem real that it’s ending after more than a year of planning. It’s been a great adventure, filled with memories of delicious food, wonderful people and awe-inspiring sites. We are definitely ready to come home, to resume a normal life that isn’t filled with excessive eating, daily budgets and foreign languages. Yet at the same time, we’re slightly reluctant to go back to reality. Moving to a new city, getting back into the workplace and living an everyday normal life – it’s comforting and scary at the same time.

Over these past few months, it’s been fun to share our stories through this blog. It’s forced us to essentially “journal” our trip and I know this will be something great to have in future – basically virtual scrapbooking. Thank you for coming along and listening to our stories. And don’t worry, we’re not ending here, blogging has stuck and we intend to keep on going. We still have lots of trip information, stories and photos to post. Plus, Brett will be starting to blog about life on the farm and homesteading. You won’t want to miss his colorful posts. And I will keep blogging about the big move to the great white north.

So for now, ciao, arrivederci, au revoir, auf wiedersehen, tot ziens and goodbye. But not for long.



  1. bon jour and you know what has stuck here?? 8 million maple leaves on the ground over the lettuce and under my belly when I plop in them or tear through them, sticky feather wings on chicks, the ball in my mouth, and lest we forget the ticks in my fur. I love you, too. see you soon. DoraLee

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