Posted by: Brett | October 25, 2009

Italians Hate Freedom and the Baby Jesus (or just good bread)

The French can cook bread, the Italians can not.  At all (with the sole exception of pizza crust).  It is almost like a point of pride with the Italians that their bread must be just nasty.  My theory is that France ships all its week-old bread to Italy where it is repackaged and sold as new.  I’ve also heard that the French use butter in their bread making and the Italians use shortening.  Whatever they do, it’s nasty.  Do NOT buy bread in Italy, it never works and even just when you think you’ve found a baker who cares, they rip your heart out.



  1. I just knew that was you talking

  2. Amen. The top of my mouth is still tender from the rough.

  3. I don’t believe you! In Michigan, we used to stop at an Italian bakery after Mass and pick up a big fat loaf of warm and just out of the oven Italian bread…very crusty on the outside and soft velvetness in the inside. We used to fight for the end piece even before we got home. Must be an Americanized version but check with your Mom as to its quality.

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