Posted by: Kristie | October 21, 2009

TT#435: Don’t Spill Fish Oil on Clothes

Okay, so this isn’t really relegated to just travel, but don’t leave a supplement that contains fish oil in your clothing pocket and then put it in the washer. It will disintegrate, make the entire load smell like fish and continue to permeate that specific piece a clothing after several washings. This is especially important if this happens to the only sweatshirt you brought with you while traveling…and happens just before you hit the cold weather section of your trip.

At least we finally figured out why my sweatshirt smelled so fishy.

Tomorrow I will head to the grocery store and pick up some white vinegar to hopefully knock out the scent for good. Fingers crossed or it looks like I may be bringing home a new Italian sweatshirt.



  1. or diesel fuel in your new car

    or leave the garlic mincer in the dirty dishwasher to permeate

    all good times.

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