Posted by: Kristie | October 1, 2009

All Part of the Adventure

I lost my credit card. And then it was stolen. I feel like it’s such a cliché to have your credit card stolen while you’re traveling in Europe, especially in Marseille where they’re known for their thievery.

Here’s what happened. We went to the Marseille train station to pick up our rental car. I handed the woman my credit card, driver’s license and passport. I definitely received my driver’s license and passport back, which I placed back in my wallet. Now, I have been known to misplace things, but if I received my credit card back with the rest,  I would’ve put it back in my wallet. Looking back, I honestly don’t remember getting it back from her. Now, if that’s true, I should’ve realized it then, but to my defense (not that I’m getting defensive or anything) there was a lot going on. We had just come from the emergency room and Brett was still very sick, plus I was slightly petrified about testing my mediocre standard skills smack in the middle of the city. Now, I’m not necessarily blaming Europcar, but it all seems a little fishy…and the woman had an attitude.

The ironic part in all of this is that we were just starting to use the credit card because most places in Belgium, Amsterdam and Germany required cash.

But I digress. We left the rental car agency, got the car and drove to Banon, roughly two hours north of Marseille. It wasn’t until that night that I realized my credit card was missing. First I called Europcar and they didn’t have it. So then I called Capital One. At this point, I actually thought I might’ve just misplaced it. And of course this was the only credit card we brought. I know, I know, not very smart, but that’s another story. We did still have our bank card so that’s really what’s important. Since we were in the midst of travelling, Capital One actually suggested not doing anything. He said if it was stolen, any purchases would be covered through their fraud protection. He suggested keeping an eye on the activity and if anything suspicious appeared, to cancel the card then.

On Tuesday the charges started appearing. An electronics store for $600, a casino for $200. So far they have managed to rack up $2,000 worth of merchandise. We called Capital One and reported it stolen and they filed a report. The charges under question were immediately credited back to our account, which I thought was pretty impressive, pending a fraud investigation. They are sending new cards via two-day mail to my Dad’s house and we’re going to have my Dad send them via DHL to our place in Provence.

All things considered, it could be worse. We’re lucky we’re in one spot for awhile so hopefully the new cards can make it here. And Capital One seems to be pretty stellar so far, hopefully there won’t be a problem with the fraud investigation. Regardless I’m kicking myself, like I’ve added another one to the kitty of Kristie’s ingenious moves. Guess it’s all part of the adventure.



  1. You are the most responsible and organized person I know. When I “lost” my card, it was in my own car, in my own driveway. You’re the only person I know who can say “I don’t remember if the crazy foreign lady gave me my card back because I was too distracted by the fact that I was going to be driving a standard, IN FRANCE. Good for you for keeping Capital One on top of this and for taking care of it. As my mom would say, “I put the Croatian Whammy on whoever stole your card.” When she put the Croatian Whammy on Steve a pile of rugby players fell on him and he tore his ACL and PCL. Love you!

  2. Oh NO! That sucks.

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