Posted by: Kristie | September 28, 2009

Warm Fuzzy Thoughts

After it was suggested that our blog name be changed from “tasty and delicious” to “nasty and horrific,” we thought we would lighten the mood with some happy thoughts. We are spending our days, relaxing in rural Provence near the tiny village of Saumane. Eating incredible-tasting apples from right here on the property, fresh olive tampenade and even fresher crispy, chewy baguettes. Warmed by cool evenings with a cozy wood pellet stove in our stone cottage. Enjoying the peaceful silence, uninterrupted by blaring police cars and incessant horn honking. Brett is on the mend and getting stronger every day.

Brett taking a siesta

Brett taking a siesta - really, he is getting better

Me reading a book, swingin' on the hammock

Reading some good chiclit, swingin' on the hammock

Hanging clothes on the clothesline. Just a regular Sunday afternoon.

Hanging clothes on the clothesline like a good Provencal wife


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