Posted by: Kristie | September 20, 2009

Scenes on the Street-Berlin

Back by popular demand…

A small, black & white, yorkie-looking dog running at full speed along a park pathway, a crazed yet determined look in his eye. He passes couples on bikes, friends walking along, all under a canopy of trees. In his mouth he carries a large stick, roughly 4-5 inches in diameter and 3-4 times his body length. Who are his owners? And where is he going with that stick?

Two high school-aged girls sitting on the subway. Both clad in all black, sequined tops, cleavage, black high top sneakers, skin tight pants. Hair is teased up high with hairspray, could be in the European version of “Working Girl.” Make up thick, foundation spackled on. Looked like they were heading to a club, yet it was 2 p.m.

Public drinking is legal in Berlin (still trying to find out if it’s countrywide). A man in his 50s walks down a neighborhood street with beer in hand at 10 a.m. Two teenagers on the subway both with beers in hand at 1 p.m. Men and women all ages sit in the platz people watching on the bench, beers in hand, at 5 p.m.

We ‘mis-underestimated’ the attachment Germans have to their Techno music.  It was everywhere.  Trying to make it back to our apartment, we duck into a small-medium subway station maybe 2,000 SqFt total, its 1 p.m.-ish.  Tucked in there is a full-up stage with nothing on it except a DJ stand that is BLARING loud techno music, maybe one or two guys up on stage sitting on the speakers smoking and bobbing their heads in a bored fashion to the music, at the base of the stage near the ticket kiosk two girls maybe 17-18 years old paint a 8ft tall paper mache bunny rabbit.  No real visual clues as to why that stuff is there so all you can do is take it in and say to yourself “Sure, why not?”


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