Posted by: Kristie | September 20, 2009

Lederhosen Everywhere!

We have arrived in Munich! After a slightly exhausting trip in Salzburg (we took 7-mile Sound of Music bike tour, slept in a crappy apartment and Brett has a cold), we hopped on the train and headed to the home of Oktoberfest. Nearly every stop we made on the 2-hour train trip we encountered men and boys in lederhosen and women of all ages in dirndls, the bust-enhancing traditional dress. And once we got here it seemed everyone was dressed up. We did a little recon of the Oktoberfest grounds and decided we were way too sober to hang out there for long. We will wake up tomorrow, arrive at the tents early and hope for the best! We’re here for five nights, which is nice to feel a little settled. We’re renting an apartment and its spacious, quiet, 10 minutes from the Oktoberfest grounds and has wifi! So hopefully I can catch up on some blog posts. Wish us luck tomorrow and send positive thoughts that I don’t end up with Brett’s cold!



  1. The best beer I’ve ever had was at the Haufbrahaus in Munich. It had “lemonade” in it, which i think is like our 7-up–if you like beer on the lighter end-give it a try! Also, head to the market on Saturday if you are still in town. It’s an awesome atmosphere. And if you’re into nude sun bathing-the English Garden is the place for you! I love that you have a blog and am really enjoying your posts!! xoxo Jen

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