Posted by: Kristie | September 18, 2009

Kickin’ it in First Class

The majority of travel on this trip is by train. I worked the numbers and it was cheaper to buy a Eurail pass than buy point-to-point tickets (definitely do the math though, for some trips the Eurail pass may not be worth it). We ordered the SuperSaver Flexipass which allows us to travel eight days within two months to four countries – Benelux (includes Belgium, Luxembourg & Holland), Germany, Austria and Italy.


Since we are older than 26, we have to get the First Class tickets. There’s no option. Rick Steves is an advocate for Second Class travel because he says it’s not worth the additional cost (if you were buying point-to-point tickets) and you get to meet locals. Well, I’m glad that we didn’t have a choice (because I probably would’ve gone with the cheaper Second Class if I had the option). Second Class is fine, but it’s full of young, loud backpackers (I know, I sound old) and the seats, although roomier than a plane, are still cramped when you have a husband who’s 6’4.


And then there’s sweet, sweet First Class. Quiet, full of business travelers or older travelers like us. Super spacious seats. Plugs! And on the way to Berlin, we had our own compartment, which was a great way to spend a 6-hour train.


Ultimately, I would say if you’re going point-to-point, splurge for the First Class on trips longer than 5 hours. If you’re getting the railpass and you’re older than 26, there’s one benefit to getting older.

K working on blog posts on the train

K working on blog posts on the train


B enjoying the countryside while reading the paper.

B enjoying the countryside while reading the paper.


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