Posted by: Kristie | September 14, 2009

Scenes on the Street

Five hari-krishnas approach from the right, walking down the flower market street, singing their songs and dancing. A  young guy with aviator glasses, a ‘pimp cane’, and a brown leather jacket with a large Amsterdam map sticking out of a pocket (obviously in costume trying to portray a ‘pimp in Amsterdam’ as if for Halloween) approaches down the street from the left, sees the hari-krishnas, lets them pass then falls in behind them dancing and singing “I love music, really good music..”

Sitting in a coffee shop, two people at separate tables, same chair, facing the same way. Man on the left looks Asian-American, in his early40s, suited up in a Gore-Tex hat, Eddie Bauer travel bag, convertible pants and a windbreaker. Woman on the right, 60s, reminiscent of an artist from Taos, NM. Long crinkly blond-grey hair, flowy, flowery skirt, painting a watercolor of the decorative flowers on her cafe table. Both bopping to the techno beat in synchronization.

Bikes! Bike paths. Traffic lights for bikes. Canals street railings rimmed with locked-up bikes. Bikes with carts full of kids on the front. Girls wearing skirts and men wearing suits on bikes.

Walking down a quiet residential street in the evening. Passed by an open door revealing a large room, walls and floor filled with paintings on scrap paper of a black-outlined cow. Same painting, over and over again.



  1. You’re awesome.

  2. Great descriptions – keep ’em coming!

  3. I love the style of this post.

    BTW, I know it’s only been a couple of weeks, but would love an update on how well your packing list is serving you (aside from the undies frustration). In particular, how your shoes are holding up, and if the rolling luggage is still a good option. I’m STILL debating on rolling vs. backpack. Also, my smaller carry-on. Can’t find anything that’s quite perfect.

  4. Thanks guys! It was a combo of both of us. Sometimes the ol’ journalism and english majors can work well together 🙂

    Shan – actually planned a posted on what’s working, what’s not so far.

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