Posted by: Kristie | September 12, 2009

Brugge Snapshot

Traveled Sept. 7-9, 2009

Our Observations/Info

  • Brugge’s main language is Flemish, but English is spoken everywhere. In general, people were extremely friendly, they have taken their hospitality training and know how to work the tourists (in a good way). 
  • The town’s name is Brugge in Flemish and Bruges in French and English.
  • As I mentioned in my previous post, I was not expecting the level of tourists. This slightly ruined my experience and impression of Brugge. To be fair, Brett was able to look past all of the tourists and enjoy the town.
  • Walking around the city at night was absolutely lovely. It was serene and romantic, almost magical. I would suggest taking a little siesta during the day so you have the energy to spend more time outdoors in the evening.
  • We had a blast biking around the town. This was my favorite part of the trip because you can traverse down all of these unpopulated back streets. They also have a great hike/bike trail ringing the city centre along the outside canal.
  • Brugge has numerous museums and several of them fall under “Bruggemuseums,” which includes 6-7 different places. We didn’t realize that and went to two of them (one being the tower) and paid admission separately. It would’ve been better to buy the Bruggemuseum Pass.   

How We Got Around

  • Train from Brussels to Brugge – €13
  • Took the bus to the Market Square (the main square) – €1,60
  • Walked to the return station on return (about 25 minute walk)
  • Once in the city, walked everywhere  

Where We Slept

Côté Canal (also called Huyze Hertsberge)
Suite Charpente
Highly Recommend
€145 per night
We splurged on this place because it was my birthday. That being said, it was a bargain compared to the other places that were located on the canal and had a view.


  • Wonderful owner. Informative and helpful, but not overbearing or in our business.
  • Unique and spacious room with a great view of the garden and canal.
  • The house of the dog from In Brugge
  • Amenities: robes, slippers, mini-bar, candies
  • Included breakfast, mainly a cold buffet of meats, cheeses, yogurt and cereal, but she made me scrambled eggs the second morning, which I thought was very considerate.
  • Not their fault, but there was construction going on next door, which woke us up too early every day.
  • Sometimes smelled like sewer because of its close proximity to the canal

Where We NomNom’d

  • Den Dyver – recommended by Caroline of the B&B for my birthday dinner. Specialize in refined cooking with beer. Incredible food and service. Pricey, definitely for a special occasion.
  • Barsalon Tapas Bar– recommended by Rick Steves. Ultra-modern, swanky restaurant that specializes in Spanish tapas. We popped in for a light late meal of a couple of tapas. Served awesome popcorn (which of course Brett loved) that was coated with fajita seasoning and honey, yet not sticky.
  • ‘t Brugs Beertje – awesome beer café. Probably one of my favorites. Clientele was youngish and global and the staff was knowledgeable and friendly. Good place to chill and try off-the-beat Belgian beers.
  • Gelateria Da Vinci – delicious homemade ice cream with lots of unique flavors.
  • Picnicking – we bought some salads and bottled gazpacho (which was absolutely delicious) at a grocery store. Cheap and healthy lunch.

What We Did

  • Brugge by Boat – 30 min boat ride around the canals. Not super informative but a good way to see the city and enjoy the canals. All of the companies are regulated, so they are all the same price.
  • Rent a Bike – We rented one for the whole day from Fietsen Popelier Bike Rental, but we probably would’ve been fine for a half day. Or rent one for 24 hours so you can bike at night.
  • Bell Tower – Climb up the 366 steps. Gets a little narrow at the top, but worth it for the view. And good exercise!

Check out our Brugge photos at the Brugge Gallery.


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