Posted by: Kristie | August 25, 2009

TT: Renting a Car in Europe

The inaugural Travel Tip! 

When booking a car in Europe, make sure to check the cost in various currencies. It was nearly $300 cheaper (for a two-week rental) to book in pounds than in U.S. dollars or Euros.

Also, when reviewing and comparing quotes, make sure to check what type, if any, insurance is included in the price. The majority of sources I checked said that unlike American rental cars, it is important to obtain rental insurance. For me, it was peace of mind. Before purchasing insurance though, check your credit cards. Many offer some type of rental insurance.

Below is a list of companies I checked during my research. They are all rental brokers, not actual car rental companies, and came highly recommended through various resources. I’ll post a review with our experiences.

Auto Europe – International Site

Auto Europe – UK site (this is the web site I booked our France web site)


Europe By Car



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  2. I recommend getting the GPS if you are going through older towns. It can be pricey but really worth it when you find a certain road doesn’t exist anymore!

  3. Thanks! We are actually bring ours from here and downloading the Italy and France maps so hopefully that should help.

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