Posted by: Brett | August 23, 2009

Erie County Fair!!!

In the search for things tasty and delicious, knowledge is included in that quest.  Especially when that knowledge is about how to grow/raise things that are tasty and delicious for yourself.  It’s what I was looking for at the Eden Corn Festival, knowledge on the local corn farming history and methods, but there was none.  So we decided to give the Erie County Fair a shot and it was AWESOME. The fair is actually located in the town of Hamburg, where Kristie grew up and where we’re staying. The first Erie County Fair was held in 1841 and held every year since with the exception of 1943, which was cancelled due to World War II. It runs for 12 days and a is big event in the area – everyone seems to go to the fair. I think it is akin to what Texans call the rodeo, same participation by the 4-H kids only sub bull riding for tractor pulls up here. The pics tell most of the story (click the ferris wheel) with my comments added in.  It was a great opportunity to get an up close look at the variety of livestock raised in this area and see the 4-H kids’ info posters on their animals/breeds as we toy with raising our own.

Click on the photo to view the gallery.

Erie County Fair

Erie County Fair


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