Posted by: Kristie | August 19, 2009

Back in the Travel Groove

I love travel planning. It is probably one of my favorite things to do. Therefore, our upcoming Europe trip is not only a dream trip, but its a dream trip to plan. I tend to go in frenzies with my planning. Just ask my husband. All I can talk about is the trip. Lunch breaks, evenings, I am on the laptop researching the heck out of locations, hotels, checking all my favorite travel sites –,,, etc.

For the Europe trip, my first frenzy was a year ago, when I first came up with the idea of a two-month trip to Europe. At that point, Brett wasn’t really on board, so my frenzy was extra annoying to him. I was trying to sketch a rough itinerary to figure out how much we would need to save, so I was researching countries, trying to figure out where Brett would like to go, while brushing off his eye rolls and annoyed tone.

My second frenzy was between January and March. We were pretty sure we were going and if nothing else, we would go to Oktoberfest and we needed to book accomodations early. I booked that and had trouble stopping. It ended up working out well because the exchange rate was pretty low. Then work got crazy, I put in my notice and travel planning fell by the wayside in favor of packing, moving and saying goodbye.

So I have officially started the third frenzy. Which is a good thing since we are leaving in 2 weeks and I have some loose ends to wrap up. As of today, all of our accomodations are booked. I still have the rental car in Italy to book, finalize the packing list and pull together the itinerary and necessary paperwork in a nice organized binder. Over the next several weeks, and probably months, I’ll share with you tips I’ve learned along the way, hopefully to help plan your future trips.

Many people have been asking us about our itinerary. So here it is!

The Lawlers’ Sweet-Ass 2-month Europe Itinerary

Sept. 3 – Depart Toronto for Brussels, Belgium

Sept. 4-7 – Brussels

Sept. 7-9 – Brugge, Belgium (for my 30th birthday!)

Sept. 9-11 – Antwerp, Belgium

Sept. 11-15 – Amsterdam, Holland

Sept. 15-18 – Berlin, Germany

Sept. 18-20 – Salzburg, Austria

Sept. 20-25 – Munich, Germany

Sept. 25-26 – Marsielle, France

Sept. 26-Oct.10 – Provence, France

Oct. 10-14 – Cinque Terre, Italy

Oct. 14-17 – Lake Como, Italy (small town of Careno)

Oct. 17-31 – Tuscany, Italy (Poggibonsi)

Oct. 31-Nov. 5- Rome, Italy

Nov. 5 – Fly Home!



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