Posted by: Brett | August 13, 2009

Eden Corn Fest

So this last Saturday night (08 AUG 09) we decided to go to the Eden Corn Festival, actually it was mostly me.  I was all excited that I was gonna get a buncha knowledge on how to grow corn in this area of the country and had visions of well-crafted informational displays detailing the history and evolution of corn farming in the region. Kristie told me to not get my hopes up as it would at best be a small-time county fair, only with more corn.  She was mostly right. Though I do have to give it to the organizers, their banners and pre-festival advertising were effective.  The corn WAS incredibly tasty.  They eat it plain up here, boil-dunk in melted butter-salt-eat.  No fancy-lad stuff like the lime, chili, garlic, mayo, cayenne pepper fixins that you see on roasted corn in Texas, I’ll work on introducing them to that maybe next year. 

There were no informational displays to be had, hell the festival info booths were located half-way into the park and again at the very end of the park not right at the entrance like one would imagine.  The highlight for our excursion was the corn-eating contest which was more like a “how fast can you strip cobs with your teeth and try to hide the pile of kernals that appear at your feet so the judges don’t disqualify you” contest.  Note to locals: the Braymiller vegetable stand sells corn cheaper than the smaller roadside corn stand near the festival.

Click on the pic for more photos.

Eden Corn Festival

Eden Corn Festival


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