Posted by: Brett | August 10, 2009

Why Does God Hate Texas?

So, after umpteen days on the road, we finally made it to PA and mom’s place.  The last time I saw it was in early June when I helped her close on the place.  Last day I was there I stopped by a garden center and picked up a few veggie plants and plopped them into the ground in a little fenced off garden plot on the side of her garage.  Thought it might be neat to see how they fared in a land where it rained and wasn’t 4,000 degrees every day.  Well, I’m not quite sure I have the words to express how I felt when I saw  them.  In Texas, where we had been undergoing a horrible drought, at least under the Anti-Rain Bubble that covered Georgetown, TX, it was an absolute battle to get a plant to stay alive once planted from transplant or seed let alone begin to grow, flower, or set fruit.  It was so bad that I actually looked forward to leaving Texas just to get to the cooler temps and higher rain levels of PA and that’s key because I had basically been fighting to get back to Texas and stay there since late 1999.  

Soooooo anyways, we roll into Mom’s place and I go to look at the garden I had plopped into the ground on a whim a month or so prior and I found a vegetable production factory that had out-produced the multiple garden plots (our home one, plus the community garden plot I worked in TX) over the course of 6 months that I was struggling to keep alive in Texas.  So I was both pissed that the fools in PA had it so easy with the veggie growing and glad that we had made the decision to move up here.  I understand that I have no concept of what it is like to undergo a “Yankee Winter” and that “Texas has a year round growing season while PA has a 90-day growing season” but that last part isn’t true if you consider that there is no rain, at all, ever in Texas.  So, to be brief, I look forward to seeing how it works out up here with the food production.  We’ll be sure to keep ya’ll posted.  Next post should be a brief little ditty about the AWESOMENESS of the EDEN CORN FESTIVAL!!!

Click on the pic below for the PA garden/farm photo gallery.

The One-Day-Wonder Garden

The One-Day-Wonder Garden



  1. So not fair! All we got this year are 2″ jalapenos. We’re going to try a fall garden this year though. We’re going on a compost-finding expedition this weekend–wish us luck!

  2. Rub it in, Brett, rub it in. But when you’re jonesing for spring planting late March/early April, don’t come crying to Texas!

  3. Cuz if I DID come crying to Texas, those tears would be the only moisture that state sees till mid-December and that wouldn’t be any fun would it? Have fun with your cactus!! (now I’m just being nasty)

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