Posted by: Kristie | August 8, 2009

Road Trip Stats

The truck is empty, the U-haul is returned and are bags are unpacked. We have made it to our final destination: Buffalo, NY. I should say our final “temporary” destination. We are here until Sept. 3, when we fly to Europe. So we’ll be spending the month hanging out with friends and family, helping my mom fix up and clear out her house and just enjoying the beautiful Northeast weather. The trip up here was slow and rainy, but enjoyable. Here are a couple of stats from along the way:

Total Trip: 10 days

Actual Days on the Road: 7 days

Miles Driven: 2,167

Number of States Passed Through: 11

Cities Slept In: 6 – Beaumont, TX; Vicksburg, MS; Birmingham, AL; Sumter, SC; Beckley, WV; Kittanning, PA

Number of Hotels Requiring Us to Pull Rotating Armed Guard Shifts: 3

Amount of Gas Spent: $425.85

Calories Consumed Via Fast/Junk Food: 24,000,000,000,000

Calories Burned: 9


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