Posted by: Kristie | July 28, 2009


Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs. If you’ve been hanging around me the past couple of weeks, you’ve heard me mention all of the signs that we are making the right decision moving north. The biggest one so far has been the ridiculous heat and drought this summer. And then, on the morning of our last day in our house, I walked out to see this on the ceiling of our porch. Now, that’s a sign.

Texas Tarantula

Texas Tarantula



  1. That is definitely a sign, Kristie (& Brett). I wonder what we will find when we make our move into an apartment after 15 years in our house. Sorry I missed the send off. I’m looking forward to your travel posts and news from Hamburg! A friend just sent me pics from Greece…sigh—have fun!

  2. OMG!!! that tarantual is huge!! I wonder what the new owners will do if they see it? LOL!!!!!! oooooo I really don’t like those things! One of the few things I don’t like about living here. Speaking of the new owners, they haven’t moved anything in yet, but were wondering around yesterday evening. Glad ya’ll are having a good road trip so far!

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