Posted by: Kristie | July 24, 2009

What Packers Will Put in a Box

The past couple of days it’s been tons of fun (note the sarcastic inflection of my voice) figuring out what the packers packed up without us realizing it. So far we’ve discovered our camera’s card reader (not that big of a deal since our laptop has one built in), a half-eaten box of granola (which of course will be quite stale in 6 months) and all of our alcohol, including the tequila (even though we were told they couldn’t move it). But the worst one? The book I was reading that was on my bedside table! It was Peter Mayle’s A Year in Provence and I was looking forward to reading that before we actually went to Provence. Oh well. Guess I can’t complain too much since they did pack up our whole house. It will be interesting to see what else we realize we need.


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